Power up with Astrons . . . .
. . . . Preset Regulated DC Power Supply


The preset regulated DC power supply has a unique feature to preset
the voltage and current without actually loading the unit. The 16V output
power supply is completely solid state and suitable for bench operation
or 19" rack operation. It is a well regulated constant voltage voltage/constant
current supply which delivers 0- 6V at 0-4 amps and can be adjusted
continuously throughout the output range. The front panel CURRENT
control cab be used to establish the output current linit (overload) or
short circuit). When the supply is used as a constant voltage source the
VOLTAGE controls can be used to limit the output voltage. When the
unit is used as a constant current source, CURRENT controls can be
used to limit the output current. The unit will automatically cross over
from constant voltage to current mode and visa-versa if the output
current or voltage exceeds these preset limits.
OUTPUT VOLTAGE: 0-16V DC continuously variable with coarse and fine controls
LOAD CURRENT: 0-4 amps max., continuously variable with coarse and fine controls
REGULATION: Less than ± 0.02% +2mV for ± 10% change in line voltage.
LOAD: Less than ± 0.02% +2mV for load change from zero to full load.
RIPPLE & NOISE: Less than 1mVrms max. (20Hz - 20 MHz).
REGULATION LINE: Less than ± 0.5% +250uA for ± 10% change in line voltage.
LOAD: Less than ± 0.05% +250uA ffor change in output voltage from 0 volts
to maximum output voltage.
RIPPLE & NOISE: Less than 4mA rms.
OUTPUT POLARITY: Floating w.r.t. ground.
OVERLOAD PROTECTION: Automatic overload and short protection.
TRANSIENT RESPONSE: 100uSECS to within 10mV of set output voltage for load change from
10% to 90%.
Total drift within 8 hours, line
after warm up under constant
load & temp:
±0.1% +2mV in constant voltage mode.
. ±0.5% +2mV in constant current mode with constant line, load and
ambient temperature conditions.
PANEL METERS: Digital panel meter (Marked V for volt meter and A for ampmeter)
are provided with an accuracy of ± 3 counts.
MODE INDICATION: Respective LED lights up when the unit is working in CV or CC mode.
OUTPUT CONTROLS: Sigle turn coarse and fine controls for current and voltage are provided
on the front panel.
INPUT VOLTAGE: 115V AC, ± 10% 46-63 single phase.
DIMENSIONS: 8.2" x 9.8" x 5.2" (WxDxH)
WEIGHT: 21 lbs. (approx.)

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